JVC RM-SUXN1J Remote Control
JVC-RM-SUXN1J This JVC RM-SUXN1J is only one of the many JVC remote controls we carry. Enjoy the full functionality of on-screen menus and programming that only an original replacement remote can provide.

This remote works with
 TV Â: ( UX-N1, UX-N1W).


Many competitors sell refurbished or used remotes. They will not hold up to the everyday use remotes take.

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100%, no questions asked, no hassle, 30 day return policy. You must be totally satisfied with your new JVC remote. Please call 1-800-827-2546 M-F 9-5 Eastern if you have any questions regarding the use or functioning of your new remote.

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I ordered a Quasar remote from you on Monday, Dec. 1, and on Friday, Dec. 4, it was in my mailbox! I just can't say enough good things about your company. I am telling all my friends! And I just may have another order for you very soon as one of them is going to give me the Model and Serial numbers of their Hitachi big screen TV for a remote replacement. It will probably be Monday, Dec. 7.

Keep up the good work!

Gary H.
Ona, WV

I have received my remote and I am very happy. I was a bit skeptical of the legitimacy of your site when I ordered, however I realize I was wrong. It looks to easy (to order just any remote) and too simple (not a sophisticate site).

Keep up the good work!

Mario H.
Ste. Therese, Quebec
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RM-SX230U, RM-SEWMD90U, RM-C342-1A, VGR0031-001, RM-C241-1H, RM-C743-1C, RM-SXVS42A, RM-C690, RM-SR450, RM-SRCBX33, RM-SHXD7J, RM-C13G-1H, RM-C1900S-1C, RM-SXVSA70J, CD1901000012100, RM-C951-KD, RM-SX331UB, RM-SMXKC45J, RM-C723-01-A, RM-RXUT3, RM-C1254G, RM-C1270G-1H, RM-C429-01-KH, RM-SXV008J, RM-C251-1H, RM-SEEX90UKP, RM-SRX6030J, RM-C751W, RM-C15G, RM-C2050-1C, VGR0048-106, RM-SRXDV31J, RM-C306-1A, RM-SHR012U, RM-C423WH-KD-T, VGR0002-001, RM-C729-1A, RM-SXVM50J, RM-SXVS65J, RM-C1200G, RM-C746-1C, RM-C384-1A, RM-C476-01-H, RM-SXV523J, LP21036-038B, RM-C1835-1C, RM-C18G, RM-SR1050U, RM-C542, RM-SXV058A, RM-C1485-1H, RM-C1251G, LG-AKB32858702, RM-SDR107U, RM-C324G-1A, VGR0042-001, RM-SDR013J, RM-SXV050J, RM-SXV042J-1, RM-C301G-2A, RM-C751, RM-C1273G-1H, RM-C731-1A, X076G0GH010, RM-C752-1C, RM-SVSDT6J, RM-C889, RM-C1259G-1H, RM-RK240, RM-SXV059U, RM-C952, RM-SSR004U, RM-SX2542U, RM-SMXJ900J, RM-SX407U, RM-SRX5040J, RM-SR555, RM-SX500U, RM-SMXJ700J, RM-SMXGT90A, RM-SFSP5J, BI600MXKA6050, 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RM-C346-1A, RM-C2055-1C, RM-SHXGD8J, RM-SX211U, RM-SXV067A, RM-C951, BI600RAP3105BX, BI643FSG5050, RM-C950-KD, RM-RK300, RM-C1220, RM-C1240, RM-C420-KD, RM-C205-1C, RM-SFSA52J, RM-C1221, RM-SXV525J, RM-SEEXP1A, RM-SED8TU, RM-STHS3J, RM-C382-1A, BI643FSG205SV, RM-C381-1A, RM-C2510-1C, RM-RXFSV9MD, RM-C380-1A, RM-SA350, RM-SUXN1J, RM-C742-1C, RM-SX311U, 103602, RM-C416-KD, RM-SVSDT8J, RM-SEMX44U.